Washington Post Op Ed – D.C. needs a local paroling authority

The Washington Post has published an Op Ed on the local control of parole issue. Titled D.C. needs a local paroling authority, the piece was written by Misty Thomas, executive director of the Council for Court Excellence. In the article, Thomas points out that “D.C. has failed to respond to Congress’s deadline and has no plan to resume control of paroling and release power by the 2022 deadline. This inaction has the capacity to harm thousands of D.C. residents each year and exacerbate inequities in our current system.”

In closing, she notes: “We have a rare opportunity to create a new paroling authority that may provide greater due process for people facing revocation of release, reunite families, protect vulnerable victims and show that D.C. believes in second chances. More broadly, localizing the parole power is a step toward greater representation for D.C. residents. D.C. government estimates show D.C. can afford statehood, and these costs include a local parole authority.”

“The window of opportunity is closing quickly, and D.C. leaders must come together to make clear decisions and investments to ensure that D.C. is poised to take over the duties of the USPC by fall 2022.”

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