Washington Post Calls Out D.C. for bungling taking over local control of parole

The Post article, titled D.C. stumbles leave fate of local control of parole with new Congress, chronicles the failure of District leaders to take advantage of a window of opportunity to return control over the parole function to the city. The delay has an outsize impact on Black D.C. residents, who are overrepresented in the parole system.  The District was poised to take over the function in 2020. At the time Mayor Bowser called this critical to “our path to statehood,” Yet, two years later no forward progress has been made.

The article further revealed that just a week ago the city told Congress in a closed-door meeting that it would need at least another two years to get it done! Advocates and activists are not optimistic that this will be able to be done under what most believe will be a Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

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