Toward a Reentry-Centered Vision of Federal Probation

The United States Courts ( has published an article titled All Hands on Deck! Toward a Reentry-Centered Vision of Federal Probation. The article considers how we might enhance the reentry process in federal supervision, particularly with the recent passage of the First Step Act (FSA).

The authors first discuss what we know about reentry, then discuss the possibility of a reentry-centered vision within federal probation, and consider the holistic approach taken by one U.S. probation office, the Eastern District of Missouri (EDMO). It closes by presenting principles, based upon research as well as real-life examples, that might inform new national reentry procedures.

The Federal Judicial Center has published an episode of their Off Paper: The Criminal Justice Podcast where they interview the authors of the article: Jay Whetzel, criminal justice consultant and former Probation Administrator at AOUSC, Scott Anders, Director of the St. Louis (Mo.) County Jail and former Chief U.S. Probation Officer in the Eastern District of Missouri, and Marie Garcia, Senior Social Science Analyst at the DOJ National Institute of Justice.


Off Paper: The Criminal Justice Podcast From the FJC is available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.