ReThink Justice Blog Posts

Below are the categories for all ReThink Justice blog posts. Click on a category name to view the posts in that category.

COVID-19 Information

This has posts providing information and resources related how COVID impacts the criminal legal system, both DC and national.

DC Dept of Corrections

This contains posts related to DC DOC and all of its related entities.

District Government

This contains posts related to all parts of the District government including the DC Council, the Mayor's office and related entities.

Federal + DC issues

This contains posts concerning federal agency issues, such as the Bureau of Prisons, as these relate to the District of Columbia and DC residents incarcerated in the federal system.

General DC Criminal System

Under this are posts that are of general interest to the District's criminal system that may not fit under other categories.

Halfway Houses & Supervised Release

This has posts about halfway houses and issues related to all forms of supervised release.


Here are posts regarding legislation impacting DC's criminal legal system. While these are mostly regarding DC Council legislation, it will include some federal legislation.

Local Control of Parole

This contains posts related to the issue of the District taking over control of it's parole system.

Policing & Police Reform

This covers anything released to District policing and police reform issues.


Contains posts related to reentry issues.

Reports, testimony & sign-on Letters

This contains posts about reports, testimony and sign-on letters by District advocacy groups and other entities related to District criminal legal system issues.


Links to websites with statistics, reports, studies and other information that may be of interest to advocates working to reform the criminal legal system.