ReThink Justice and Reentry Task Force Report – Principles for a Parole Entity

There is a new report titled Establishing Principles for the Creation of a Local Paroling Authority in Washington, D.C. published today with this post.  This was developed as a joint effort between the ReThink Justice DC Coalition and the DC Reentry Task Force. The report lays out 19 principles that a new local parole function, regardless of the form a parole authority might take.

Assuming federal and local legislation is passed by November 2022, the U.S. Parole Commission (USPC) will no longer have authority over D.C. prisoners or returning citizens. Prior to that date, the D.C. government will need to assign responsibility for the four functions to a new or existing entity. In so doing the District government, through enabling legislation, and the paroling entity, through rule-making, will have the opportunity to revise current operating procedures and to develop new guidelines for carrying out each of these functions in ways that best serve the interests of D.C. prisoners and returning citizens, as well as serving the needs of the broader D.C. community.

We want the new entity to reduce mass incarceration in D.C., provide meaningful opportunities for successful reentry for returning citizens, and address the broad negative impacts brought about by decades of racism in the highly federalized system of criminal law enforcement in D.C. These aspirations are well within our grasp.

Use the link below to download the report.

[DOWNLOAD ReThink Justice Report – Principles for the Establishment of a Parole Entity]