New D.C. Jails Reporting Hotline

Local advocacy group DC Justice Lab has launched a telephone hotline for reporting conditions at the Jail. Their stated purpose for the hotline is “to give people currently experiencing those conditions an opportunity to share their stories and correct the narratives circling locally and nationally about what it is like to be confined in either of the D.C. jails.”

Hotline: 888-DCJAIL-1

DC Justice Lab plans to share comments received on the hotline with the community and, through advocacy efforts, to change conditions in the D.C. jails. However, if a person does not wish to share their story, they can say so in their message and their communication will not be shared.

Important note about the hotline from DC Justice Lab:

This hotline is not for discussing pending cases. Please refrain from sharing any information regarding pending or previous legal cases. And, refrain from sharing any personal information that might be incriminating or make you or someone else vulnerable to retaliation in the D.C. jails. The hotline cannot guarantee emergency help and should not be dialed in case of an emergency.