Mayor Bowser Establishes ReOpen DC Advisory Group

Mayor Bowser announced the leadership of her ReOpen DC Advisory Group today. The Advisory Group is make up of 12 committee. Of interest to ReThink Justice is the Government Operations, Public Safety, and Criminal Justice.

This committee is organized as follows:

  • Government Co-Chairperson
    Kevin Donahue
  • Government Co-Chairperson
    Karl Racine
  • Community Co-Chairperson
    Robert Bobb
  • Community Co-Chairperson
    LaRuby May
  • Associate Committee Director
    Seterah Yelle

The Mission of the committee is given as:

Modifications to critical District operations occurred almost immediately in responding to COVID-19. Mayor Bowser ordered the District to switch to an unprecedented telework posture — where beginning March 16th, 60 percent of DC government employees became teleworkers and many critical services became available online only, including the DMV, DCRA, Planning, and Housing. Similarly, the District’s unique criminal justice system (both local and federal) worked to efficiently handle criminal justice matters, including filing online police reports, remote papering, releasing misdemeanants with enhanced good time credits, and working with Court-appointed inspectors on best practices for detention facilities facing infectious disease.

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