Maryland General Assembly Passed Sweeping Police Reform Package Despite Governor Hogan’s Attempt To Veto It

Maryland has passed a very sweeping police reform package despite Governor Hogan’s attempt to veto it, which the Assembly was able to override. Reforms in the Maryland legislation include:

–            Eliminating access to military weapons for state and local police.

–            Create a state-wide use of force policy.

–            Enabling the Office of the Attorney General to conduct an independent investigation into alleged or potential police-involved deaths of civilians. For that, the bill would establish the Independent Investigative Unit in the Office of the Attorney General.

–            Imposing restrictions on no-knock warrants.

–            Amending Maryland’s Public Information Act to make disciplinary records and complaints publicly available.

–            Regulating the use of body-worn cameras for law enforcement agencies by 2023.

–            Repealing and replace the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights. Maryland is the first state to repeal it.

–            Making it mandatory for each county to have a police accountability board.

–            Returning control of the Baltimore Police Department to the city.

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