Community Leaders Send Letter to Councilmember Gray Questioning his attack on The Horizon homeless center

I a letter send to Councilmember Vincent Gray, a diverse group of over 20 community leaders, faith leaders and citizens calling on him to abandon his attacks on The Horizon, a short-term family housing facility in Ward 7 that supports 35 families. They also noted in the letter that the attack on The Horizon was being used to thwart the CORE DC men’s halfway house opposed by Gray, calling the move “legislative blackmail.”

“The effort to dismantle this program is troubling enough on its own. But it is even worse in light of the fact that you have openly – and at times inexplicably – taken a hostile stance against CORE DC regarding the organization’s plans to open another facility in Ward 7, a residential reentry center for returning citizens.”

[CLICK HERE to download Letter to Vincent Gray re The Horizon and CORE DC]