A New Vision for a District-Controlled Parole Authority

Members of the DC Reentry Task Force and the ReThink Justice DC New Visions Committee have published a three-page summary briefing presenting a blueprint for a new, District-controlled parole authority. This vision is needed now. With the upcoming expiration of the United States Parole Commission (USPC), the District has an unprecedented opportunity to design and put in place a new, unique parole authority based on restorative justice principles and not punishment.

Below is a link to the three-page summary briefing. Key points regarding establishing a new parole authority include:

  • The blueprint outlines is a brand-new model based on restorative justice principles and aligned with DC Values. It moves away from the presumptions of punishment and incarceration which currently dominate parole proceedings.
  • The proposed model puts the Parole Authority under District control and accountable to the Community.
  • This represents an important first step toward DC statehood and taking control of DC’s entire criminal legal system.

DOWNLOAD A New Parole Authority for DC April 7 2021_DC Reentry Task Force and ReThink Justice